Top 5 Musicians Turned Politicians 2020

musicians turned politicians

Over the years so many musicians have turned politicians overnight, both popular and local musicians.

Though for local musicians it is understandable since they cant just make it they have to try another side of life but am much more concern about popular musicians turned politicians 2020.

Today, mp3forall will be giving you the list of 5 musicians who did this and are still in the game, Earlier on June, i heard kanye west wanted to run for USA president, well that was fine though he haven’t achieved this though but i pray he does.

Top 5 Musicians Turned Politicians 2020

Susana Baca:

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Susana Esther Baca is a prominent  singer-songwriter, school teacher,  and two-time Latin Grammy Award winner.

She’s won two Latin Grammys. She’s a key figure in the revival of Afro-Peruvian music within Peru.

So what does she do for an encore? In July 2011, Susana Esther Baca de la Colina was named Peru’s Minister of Culture in the Ollanta Humala government. The appointment isn’t significant only for Baca’s history as a musician – she’s also only the second Afro-Peruvian cabinet minister in the history of independent Peru.


Peter Wishart:

Musicians Turned Politicians

Peter Wishart is a Scottish National Party politician and rock / folk musician who has served as the Member of Parliament for Perth and North Perthshire since 2005.  peter wishart was born in 9 march 1962.

Peter Wishart was once a keyboard player for the band Big Country and later for the popular Scottish rock group Runrig. Currently, he’s a member of the Scottish Parliament where he’s served since 2005. He also participates in the House of Commons and chairs the Scottish Affairs Select Committee. Before that, he was a party spokesperson.

He is a scottish Member of Parliament though he left politics

He now ranks as the longest serving Scottish National Party MP (Member of Parliament) and among the longest serving Scottish MPs in the House of Commons. Interestingly enough, to date he is also the only MP to have appeared on the popular British musical variety show, Top of the Pops.

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Youssou N’Dour:

Notable political activity: Senegal Minister of Tourism; candidate for President
N’Dour is an undisputed icon and superstar in his native Senegal, but his music has propelled him to international prominence as well.

Tapping into native African rhythms and instilling them with a populist sensibility, he’s kept company with the likes of Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Wyclef Jean, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Neheh Cherry, Branford Marsalis and dozens of others.

As an affirmed activist, he organized a concert for Nelson Mandela in 1985, participated in the Amnesty International Human Rights Now! tour in 1988 and took part in three of the Live Aid concerts as part of an all-star line-up. Later, he worked with UNICEF before being appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

He also gave his support to the Canadian charity Artists Against Racism, and in 2012, his commitment to the cause inspired him to run for the presidency of Senegal, although a question about the authenticity of some of the signatures he collected for endorsements caused him to be disqualified.

Nevertheless, the new president gave him a consolation prize when he appointed him Minister of Culture and Tourism, a precursor to a later post as Minister of Tourism.

Wyclef Jean.

In 2010, after hurricane relief charity work, Wyclef Jean decided to take his efforts one step further – to the President’s office. It all came down to his eligibility as a Haiti resident. Speaking neither Creole, nor French did not help his case, even after all the work he put in to help hurricane-ravaged Haiti.

Martha Reeves.

 In 2005, she wanted to try herself in the Detroit City Council. Martha Reeves spoke on behalf of musicians for better wages and royalties in front of Congress in 2007. Losing the reelection two years later, the lead singer of Motown girl group Martha Reeves and the Vandellas turned back to music.

She is now a full-time performer with more than 50 shows annually.

Most of these musicians didn’t just joined politics because i believe that for one to achieve or switch their mind to a particular thing, they must have been thinking about it for a long time or have the interest or developed it recently.

this is to say that mostly musicians that turns to politicians are either born politicians or they started to have the interest due to influence they want to make or power that they think they don’t have.

In Conclusion, the top musicians turned politicians usually do this when they have gotten enough fame and wealth, if you take a look at all of them, they were best in whatever they did before they switched career into politics.

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