Who Is Sophie Alakija Rammal

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Sophie alakija was wizkids ex who featured in the music video ”holla at ur boy” as wizkids girlfriend.

Though i didnt know why they broke up so i wont say buy life has it ways around us.

Sophie rammal later went into acting as she is now a renowned actress who have featured in many known movies like the examples of drawing strength, the silver spoon. the last brides maid and many more.

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I must say the when she featured in wizkid’s music video, i never dreamt of her becoming an actress in the future, cos i didnt see that in her.

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Sophie Alakija Biography

Sophie Alakija was born on February 7th. Sophie is probably in her late 30s, this is to say that she is 5 years older than wizkid.

She was born in Lagos and grew up, and had a vibrant childhood. Her parents in Cross River State are Efik, Nigeria and Lebanese.

Sophie featured “Holla at your guy” in Wizkid’s first music video but broke up with Wizkid as revealed during an interview with Fruit Tree magazine.

Sophie Alakija formerly got married to  Wale Alakija on 27th March 2016 and they had two kids though rumour has it that she is divorced now with her spouse leaving her two kids behind, though this hasnt been confirmed yet.

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Sophie Alakija

Sophie Alakija

In everything i think sophie is living the best  of her life , partying and doing the things that makes her happy, i really do love her

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