How Do Celebrities Keep Their Phone Numbers Private

How Do Celebrities Keep Their Phone Numbers Private

Many fans of so many popular people have been asking how do celebrities keep their phone numbers private as this is something no one has been able to figure out yet.

Well, have used our spyglass to view and know the reason why this popular people are always hiding their numbers from the masses and how they do it.

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We cannot get mobile number of celebrities/stars easily. To get their mobile number we have to contact certain agencies. How do celebrities keep their mobile number secret and maintain that secrecy?
What are the special treatments given by mobile operators?

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How Celebrities Keep Their Phone Numbers Private

The celebrities will not take mobile phones in their name. They may be in others names like his/her secretary, his/her security person or even by his/her lawyer. When you call that number by somehow managing the number the celebrity’s secretary will receive the call and they stop the call there itself without connecting it to the celebrity.
There will be a number of phones like this and you don’t know which phone will go to him directly. Even one number also may not go the celebrity directly.

How Do Celebrities Keep Their Phone Numbers Private

Most stars and celebrities are careful about information find its way out to the public. The commonest way is via their computers,mobiles and other social media accounts apart from people they interact with.

Most celebrities would have the mobile registered under different people ( relative, manager, trusted legal lawyer etc) and bought in different places. Only the family members and their close circles would be aware.

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A lot of celebrities, especially the wealthier ones, don’t have many accounts in their actual names. Some things might be registered to a corporation or LLC. Some items might be addressed to lawyers, agents or accountants, depending on the situation.

But i think at this point, i also have to let you know that so many celebrities live a private life, like that’s how is supposed to be.

Been a celebrity and everyone wants to know everything about you, what you doing at every time of the day, your best clothes, your age, how you sleep at night.

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That’s funny though but i must admit that been a celeb comes with a lot of responsibility.

How To Get Celebrities Personal Phone Number

If you are really interested to know the personal numbers of a celebrity, i suggest most sites do sell most of these numbers for a token.

though this has made so many celebrities to change their numbers at all times.

Here is a tip to get a celebrities number,

  • Contact his business line,
  • Book an appointment for business
  • Then ask him personally for his/her number and if he is pleased with the way you talked to him or how you presented yourself, he will give you his personal number.

In conclusion, if all you ever wanted to know is how Celebrities keep their phone numbers private and how to get their personal contacts, we have written them in details for you.

But any celebrity you cant get his or her number, do well to drop a comment with his name and we will help you out.


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