Top Hiv Positive Celebrities In South Africa 2020

hiv celebrities in south africa

When HIV first arrived Africa,  people were seeing it as a death sentence, so many people who had this diseases never wanted it to be know by others as they fear for stigma and people disassociating themselves from them, until the arrival of Anti-retro viral drugs.

But after so many years people can now come in public and declared themselves positive, that was how we were able to gather the list of HIV celebrities in south Africa.

Top List Of HIV Celebrities In South Africa

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Musa ‘Queen’ Njoko

Musa Njoko was a south african gospel musician with a lot of energy as a woman in her time.

Musa ‘Queen’ Njoko made it know in the public that she is HIV-positive in 1995. She was 22 when she was diagnosed, at a time when treatment was not available in South Africa. She faced a lot of stigma and hostility but also found support.

Koyo Bala

Koyo made it public in  2011 interview with DRUM magazine, He openly talked  about living with HIV. He said he had received the diagnosis in 2010 and had made a commitment to help others in the same situation.

But the unfortunate thing is that he didn’t die of HIV, as he  died of cancer in 2015.

“I am HIV-positive, and as a celebrity and someone who is openly gay, it is important to come out. I want to use my bubbly personality to help those struggling to come to terms with their status.”


Criselda Kananda

HIV Celebrities In South Africa
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Radio presenter Kananda was diagnosed HIV positive more than 13 years ago, when she was seven months pregnant.

Criselda   is a wife,  mother of 3, motivational speaker, professional counsellor, former nurse, medical underwriter and serves on the board of the South African National AIDS Council.

Criselda recently speaks on divorcing after 22 years of marriage with spouse.


Abdurrazack ‘Zackie’ Achmat

Famous South African film director, Abdurrazack ‘Zackie’ Achmat, was diagnosed with HIV in 1990.

After being given three months to live, he got up and fought the disease, even becoming an activist. He went on to co-found the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) – a South African HIV/AIDS activist organisation.

She has worked hard to reduce the stigma around HIV through the slogan, ‘HIV Positive’.

I know you must be wondering why the list is only filled with musicians, when i can’t actually tell but there are so many other professions that has got this virus in their midst.

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Let’s say footballers, actors, pastors and even politicians as this virus doesn’t exempt anyone.

South African Soccer Players With Hiv

  • Samuel Nlend
  • Thabang Sefatsa.
  •  Wanyama Nelson
  • Emmanuel Eboue
  • Thabang Lebese

So now i believe that you must have figured out that being hiv positive isn’t a death sentence, at least popular people are coming out to tell the world that they have it.

there are so many HIV patients all over the world and also many hiv celebrities in south Africa, but not just in SA but many countries all over the world.

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